Classes With Charles Bergen

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Smithsonian Sculpture Class

Registration is now open for my Introduction to Sculpture Class at the Smithsonian. If you know anyone interested in starting or continuing in sculpture please encourage them to join us Thursday Afternoons and Evenings this Spring.
Thursdays in April 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m and 6:30-9:30 p.m.
To register please go to this link

For $20 off use code: 229162

This course provides an ideal opportunity to explore the basic materials and methods of sculpture through hands-on studio work, lectures, and a museum visit. Become familiar with the works of noteworthy sculptors past and present, and get an overview of areas including the physics of sculpture, surface patinas and textures, and effective composition.


Students work in a variety of media (including paper, cardboard, oil clay, wire, and found objects) to create representational and abstract works using both additive and subtractive methods of sculpting.  

There is no prerequisite, but experience in drawing, design, woodworking or three-dimensional art is helpful.