UPCOMING: CHAW - Master Craftsman: Artful Stories in the City


The work of sculptor Charles Bergen is a unique intersection of skill and imagination.  With works ranging from sublime animal sculptures to grand public installations, his artistry, architectural savvy and eye for uncommon forms in unconventional spaces render an engaging blend of precision and elegance that is both accessible and timeless.   Master Craftsman: Artful Stories in the City, highlights elements of design, engineering, collaboration through Bergen’s vision.   The show runs June 20 - August 13, 2016 at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. 


Master Craftsman: Artful Stories in the City will feature original sculpture,replications of public works,  source materials, architectural renderings, photos, context panels, and interactive opportunities demonstrating creative and pragmatic processes involved from conception to finished piece.  Installation will bring “the outside into the gallery” with strategically placed sculpture and replications of public art scaled and modified to fit the constraints of the CHAW gallery.   It will tell the story of artistic evolution and displays that tell the story of what it takes to get a piece of sculpture into the public sphere.   Interactive materials may include an oversized coloring dragon, dragon walking path, a turtle sprinkler, medallions along the CHAW fence.  Display ideas include banner dragons that wrap around posts or transition from floor to wall, creation of “habitats” for sculptural animals, photos of fabrication.  The atmosphere will have a museum of science and industry quality to it, leveraging the 3D and public art nature of the work.